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i don’t understand fifth harmony meet and greet pictures







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@normanikordei: I knew she loved me 💕 lol I found this in my camera roll 😂 (x)

I’m still a teenage girl so I think I’m still working towards not being insecure and to fully accepting myself which takes a long time and it’s a growing experience, so hopefully in 10 years I will be like.. ‘this is me’


we notice… 

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Demi Lovato deconstructs the patriarchal society in one sentence.


In case you were wondering 

You guys need to see the video because Simon does the same shit to her too and she shuts them both down, I LOVE her for that

Anonymous asked:
i'm getting to know fifth harmony better and better, do you have any things to say that i really need to know about them?


sorry for the late reply i made the post yesterday but my internet crashed and i then i gave up on life

ANYWAY, obviously you already know that they are insanely talented. if not just go on youtube and search their xfactor performances and  auditions. They also did snippets of their auditions live and their alternate audition songs. You probably know that they have an EP out plus extra songs like tellin’ me, anything is possible and spanish versions, all of which they have performed live like a thousand times because they have been on 6 tours. They also opened for cher loyd and Demi and performed for some big events like MTV artist to watch, MTV VMA poptart(try not to nosebleed from 2.20 onwards), radio nick party, AMA pre-show, jingle ball, ellen etc etc and done various covers including wannabe, monster mash and heart attack etc. Ed Sheeran has also complimented them several times. here is a 7s sneakpeak of their upcoming album.

  They also happen to be 5 silly idiots that can be very embarrassing at times. Sometimes they try to dance….rap, or even act and they have too many silly vines to keep track of. and also many cute interviews. On top of that, they are incredibly cute and beautiful



but are



and i really cannot imagine what will happen 5 years later when they mature physically.

But anyway what’s really important about this group is that they are not only 5 very very talented girls. They are also so genuine and kind and they aren’t afraid to be themselves and they really are just 5 girls that love music and not the idea of fame itself, hell, some of them even admit that this fame thing isn’t right for them. But while growing up under the spotlight and trying to figure their way in this industry, they somehow manage to be excellent role models for people and also celebrities and this is shows when you read comments from fans or even non-fans when they meet the girls— about how loved the girls make them feel and how they try to help them. they also give great advice and really help to inspire people.

Overall, this girl group really just makes me happy. And sorry for writing such a long crappy message I’m not even sure if this is what you wanted to know xD but all I’m trying to say is that they are really talented and likeable and it is REALLY worth your time to get to know them better (: